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2016 – Racing 300

The game development started in the year 2016. Originally my three friends and I tried to develop a simulator of the Hořice circuit. Unfortunately, our team fell apart as soon as we started, but I began to really enjoy the game development and finished the game and released it.

2018 – Racing 300 5.0

During the time, I was adding new features like simple artificial intelligence, new tracks, and improved graphics. The big moment came with version 5.0, when I added multiplayer to the game and realized that the game’s concept had reached its full potential.

2019 – Engine Evolition DEMO

In 2019, I started work on the new game called Engine Evolution. My goal was to carry on the basics of the old game but build a real game of it. The goal was to create a multiplayer racing game with a tech tree and many online features. It was a spectacular failure at first.

2020 – Engine Evolition

I registered the unfinished game on Steam and was ready to end my game development path. Then lockdown happened, and I had time to at least get the game working. So I released the game on Steam, and although the reviews were mixed, it showed that the potential was huge, and I gained many passionate fans.

2021 – Engine Evolition 2021

I worked on the game for another year, and I was starting to be much better. The problem was that the game was dead, and there was no way out of that situation. I figured out that the only solution was to release a new Steam page, with players keeping all their stuff. That way, I will get the exposure again, but I will be able to capture the attention better, and it will be fair to current players.

2022 – Engine Evolition 2022

The path was set, but I wanted to offer more to the players than only a better game. So the solution was to include formulas in the game, so you would have two games in one.