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Why there are 3 Engine Evolution games? Is it some scam?!
All versions share the same database and anything you unlock/purchase in EE 2021 will be shared into EE 2022. Releasing a new version of the game helps me explain new features to the player base and properly advertise them. Read more about game evolution here.

What is the best way how to suggest new features/ideas?
Join our Discord and write it into the #feedback channel so other players can discuss and expand on your ideas. Or you can contact me here on the Steam forum, FB, IG, but I read these less often.

Somebody in the game is abusive/aggressive
Do not hesitate to report the player to the admins + always send screenshots. Also, please remember that every player needs time to learn the game. Please have a bit more patience with these players. Report his name + the generation he is playing in + what is he dooing. Screenshot/video can also speed up the process. Any incident will be investigated as soon as any admin can join the game. Please, make sure to add as much info as possible. Admins also have a lot of other work to do in their jobs/schools and they don’t have time to play guesswork games. Also, you can play singleplayer and avoid all negative players that way.

Are controllers supported?
Yes, ALL controllers should work out of the box, including all racing wheels and joysticks. If you have some hardware, that does not work contact me in PM and include the name/model of your controller as well.
Also: Check your steam settings if controler is default and not keyboard.
Also2: Shift+Tab in game and select correct controler configuration.

I have 1 FPS with good GPU etc…
Check you GPU drivers. Then check you windows debloater (it sometimes blocks DirectX). If it happens with other games as well I can sugest you reverting PC to factory settings / reinstaling windows / buying new PC.

I have 100% GPU usage with good GPU etc…
Check settings and try to play around with locking your FPS to screen FPS or constant framerate. Also, try to exit end enter fullscreen mode.

What is prohibited?

  • Racism, death threats, insults, being abusive in chat
  • Cheats
  • Crashing into everyone on purpose 10 races in a row right off the start

Although it is not prohibited, I would also like to ask you not to be vulgar in chat.

How to send error log?
Copy paste the path:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Petr Šimůnek\Engine Evolution

and send me the



How can I help the game as a player?
The best way how to help the game is to review the game on Steam. You can also purchase something in the premium store – there is nowadays good number of players (more than zero) and if some of you make small purchases, it can be enough money to push the game into the next stage!

About development

Will there be Engine Evolution 2023? And what will happen to my account?
Yes, in Q2 of 2023. Your account (purchases and progress) will transfer and will be accessible from BOTH games.

I want to contribute to the game
Write in PM what you want to help with, don’t mess around with bullshits like “Hi” or “How are you?”. Let me know what you can offer and what you want in return (I can offer gold, real money is a problem). I am NOT looking for programmers. Translators would be handy.

Can I diasable the game or edit the game files/read the code/post it anywhere?
No, you are legally prohibited from doing that.

Why it doesn’t have XYZ feature, even games like F1 2022 has it?!
Because it is developed by one student.

When did the development start?
In 2016 under the name of Racing 300. Then in 2019 under the name Engine Evolution. Road more in history.

What is your profession?
I am a student at Charles University of Prague.