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Klapout Engine Evolution Cup

    One of the most active players in Engine Evolution, Klapout decided to organize his own racing cup. I am forwarding this information to all players. You can register on the game’s Discord by contacting him.

    Klapout Engine Evolution Cup

    Rules and Guidelines

    Game Rules
    Please respect the rules, which imply in the Engine Evolution Games. Drive fair and be respectful to the other competitors. If you have other Questions depending to the Game Series “Engine Evolution”, go to the FAQ side of Engine Evolution, or ask in the Official Engine Evolution Discord Server. I am not Petr Šimůnek and I am not the Owner of the “Engine Evolution” Series.

    Verification Rules
    You will participate in the Cup, once your Submission has been acknowledged and accepted. During the Cup you need to be in the Official Engine Evolution Server. To be verified for the Cup you have to participate in at least one full Race Day (this includes Qualifying and both Races).

    Cup Rules & Punishments
    This Cup consists of the following Rules:
    Rule 1: Drive fair and be respectful to the other Competitors. Failing to fulfil this Rule can lead to the Exclusion from the Cup.
    Rule 2: Try not to crash into other competitors. Purposefully crashing into other competitors can lead to Time Penalties, Points Deduction, Exclusion from Races & Exclusion from the Cup.
    Rule 3: Try not to be Rude and disrespectful to other competitors. Being Rude or disrespectful can lead to Points Deductions, Exclusion from Races & Exclusion from the Cup.
    Rule 4: Try not to influence the outcome of the other Competitors by e.g. blocking the Path when you are being Lapped, Crashing purposefully into other Competitors, standing still on a Race/Qualifying Start, or Pushing other Competitors of the Track. Breaking Rule 4 can lead to Time Penalties, Points Deduction, Exclusion from Races & Exclusion from the Cup.
    Rule 5: The Rules can be changed and/or extended during the Cup, in case of breaking a Rule, which has not been implemented yet. Punishments such as Time Penalties, Points Deductions, Exclusions from Races & Exclusion from the Cup can happen, depending on the Severity of it.
    Recommendation: It is recommended, to film your Session in case of another competitor breaking a Rule. It is not required though.
    Rule 6: Breaking Rules multiple times can lead to an Exclusion from future Cups, though a permanent Exclusion from the Cup will be not given.

    Saturday, 15th April 2023: Round 1 – Hořice
    Saturday, 22nd April 2023: Round 2 – Deer Ditch
    Saturday, 29th April 2023: Round 3 – Dymokury
    Saturday, 6th May 2023: Round 4 – Jeřice
    Saturday, 13th May 2023: Round 5 – Most
    Saturday, 20th May 2023: Round 6 – Jičin
    Saturday, 27th May 2023: Round 7 – Hořice
    Dates can be changed due to In-Game Events or Personal Reasons.

    Race Day Structure & Points System
    The Cup will be raced on Generation 6 (Gen VI) Bikes. This include the “Yamoho 750”, “Sozoki Rg250”, “Hondo NSR500”, “Tukani 916”, “Sbinota S”, “Triomr R100” and “PNV 1100”.
    The Cup consists of 7 Races. We will race once at
    Deer Ditch, Dymokury, Jeřice, Most and Jičin, and we will race twice at Hořice.
    The Cup Starts at 5 p.m. Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
    Qualifying will take 15 Minutes on every Track.
    Race Two will be the reversed Grid from the Result of Race One.
    Both Races will have the same amount of Laps.
    Race Length:
    Hořice – 7 Laps
    Deer Ditch – 7 Laps
    Dymokury – 15 Laps
    Jeřice – 5 Laps
    Most – 10 Laps
    Jičin – 15 Laps

    Points will be awarded after each Qualifying and after each Race.
    Two extra Points will be awarded for the fastest Race Lap on both Races.
    1st – 6 Points
    2nd – 4 Points
    3rd – 3 Points
    4th – 2 Points
    5th – 1 Point

    1st – 20 Points
    2nd – 16 Points
    3rd – 12 Points
    4th – 10 Points
    5th – 8 Points
    6th – 6 Points
    7th – 4 Points
    8th – 3 Points
    9th – 2 Points
    10th – 1 Point

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